Evolution to Poetry

I’ve never studied poetry, nor spent a lot of time reading poetry.  Heck, I’m not even sure if what I’m writing are even poems.  I see them more as messages.  Messages around growth, forgiveness, gratitude, contentment, resilience, and healing.

Through my marriage separation, which is the time I hit rock bottom, I began a spiritual course through “The Course In Miracles”.  This journey has been, and still is, a tremendous healing to me.  I began journaling my emotions as I dug not only to the roots of my divorce, but to the roots of deep seeded child wounds and all wounds between.  It was part of my healing process.  One day a poem came.  I discovered I could quickly and succinctly place my emotions on paper.  Ever since I have been receiving these poems – often during meditation.  I say “receive” because I don’t sit down to write them.  A title or statement will pop in my head, and I immediately write down what comes.  Most poems take a minute or two to write, and I don’t edit them.  They are true gifts to me because they speak to truth.  Each poem is linked to my story and my healing.

I began sharing poems with those close to me, and they were well received.  Several people encouraged me to share the poems, which has led me to this site.  I hope they speak to you in some way.  I would love to hear from you.