Magnet of Pain

Empathy is born

from understanding pain.

His shoulders are weighted,

with the pain of others.

Unable to deal with their darkness,

They project pain.

Like a magnet desiring its opposite,

His empathy attracts pain.

Without realizing, the pain is swallowed.

Filling His belly.

AAaaaah! the feeling

He just wants to scream it out,

as the pain digests.

Thoughts of weakness swirl in His mind.

“I am weak because I didn’t fight”

The pain landed and now He toils.

Unbeknownst to Him,

His empathy sought the pain.

Empathy would not know itself,

without the pain.

Empathy would not flourish

without the nutrients from pain.

Empathy is born!

Mirrored to others,

maybe not the pain projector,

but to others.

He now understands

why He is a magnet for pain.


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