Our Dance


Climb onto my toes.

I will carry the weight of your world

in my strength.

Grab a hold of my waist

and pull me close.

Put your gaze into my eyes

let your smile crinkle.

So I can see the light of happiness

in your soul.


©Copyright 2021, except photo

Photo courtesy of Pixabay.com

You Are So Beautiful

God you are so beautiful.
As I look at each nook
and cranny
I see a gorgeous
Your jawline.
Your smile.
The way you play
with your hair.
And, your eyes…
They captivate me.
I want to stare into them
for hours
and see deep
into your soul.
God you are so beautiful.
I can’t wait to spend
forever with you.



As you wake, let these
words touch your heart.

The clouds float
to block my light, to
redirect sun’s rays on my face.
Your smile moves clouds,
warms my heart, and
cools my worries.
I feel your love bridge to
my heart, as we walk
with eyes gazing, to the
point we touch.

This is when I know
my world is complete.

© Steven Schleupner, 2017