Magnet of Pain

Empathy is born

from understanding pain.

His shoulders are weighted,

with the pain of others.

Unable to deal with their darkness,

They project pain.

Like a magnet desiring its opposite,

His empathy attracts pain.

Without realizing, the pain is swallowed.

Filling His belly.

AAaaaah! the feeling

He just wants to scream it out,

as the pain digests.

Thoughts of weakness swirl in His mind.

“I am weak because I didn’t fight”

The pain landed and now He toils.

Unbeknownst to Him,

His empathy sought the pain.

Empathy would not know itself,

without the pain.

Empathy would not flourish

without the nutrients from pain.

Empathy is born!

Mirrored to others,

maybe not the pain projector,

but to others.

He now understands

why He is a magnet for pain.


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Raindrop of Understanding

What if our world, our existence
is a raindrop?
A minuscule drop falling through time,
through an expanse
much greater than our universe.
A microcosm incomprehensible
to the grand scheme.
Such should be our vision, our understanding
of what we know.
See your thoughts today,
and past experiences,
as a raindrop.
A minuscule understanding
floating through a timeless expanse.
Falling, contorting to deeper meaning –
a meaning that is your Beloved’s.

© Steven Schleupner, 2017



Rose Colored Glasses


For a moment today
Look over the rims of your
Rose Colored Glasses.
Surprised at the colors?
At what you see?
When did you put on these glasses?
Or, did they form their hue over time?
Truth is not the rose-color.
Truth is the colors around the hue.
The colors of peace.

© Steven Schleupner, 2017, excludes the photo.