Sealing Chambers of Pain


The pulsating energy envelops me
from my crown
to my grounded oneness.
Going deep into forgiveness
creates voids –
voids once housed by pain.
It is not possible to let voids to exist
for if one does, they will fill again
with painful memories.

As the Archangels give this great
healing gift – 
the gift you’ll be keenly aware
from the energy passing through you –
fill the void.
Fill it with love for you.
Love the images of the little boy
As he turns into the man he is.
This awareness, this Love,
seals the chambers of pain.

©Steven Schleupner, 2017, except photo

photo courtesy of

Our Salvation

Have you ever forgiven someone for whom you once cared deeply?  I mean wholeheartedly forgiven them?? We have a tendency to not completely forgive.  This blocks us from future harm by enabling us to hide, but also blocks us from our own peace.  What I found is when I forgive fully, the negative feelings leave and create a void.  Voids can’t exist in the emotional world.  They are filled in with love for that person.

Internal salvation – the pent up
peace we all desire – is buried
under layers of non-forgiveness. Continue reading