What if each Star were a Soul,
waiting to breathe new Life,
all its Light, its magnificent light,
harnessed as the power of the Sun, but
able to shine in each body, as a
Oneness, as love, a Love so strong
it lights the darkest sky, and
twinkles in a distance
towards the peace that can be.

© Steven Schleupner, 2017, excludes photo


Miracles are like a bird’s song,
as it floats through
the clear morning sky
to the light of the sun.

My heart today is a miracle.
It sings a song so beautiful
it lights the world around me
and all those who
wish to share the miracle.

© Steven Schleupner, 2017

Mirror Now


The moon is the mirror
of the sun.
Her existence is without
unless her face
touches light.

Peace is the mirror
of the Now.
Her existence is without
unless her heart
captures beauty.

© Steven Schleupner, 2017, except photo