Poetry started when I worked to heal during my divorce.  I adopted a morning routine of meditation and journaling to help ground me.  Often when I found myself paralyzed around understanding who I really am and emotions that surfaced, I practiced an automatic writing technique to tap into the depths behind the feelings.  Poems began to flow, and would just write them down.  I never wrote poetry.  In fact, I rarely wrote anything.  The more he sat in silence facing what was uncomfortable, the more the poems would appear.  They started popping in throughout the day.  Maybe from seeing a sunset, or a bird flying by, or remembering a dream, or whatever…They just came and I just wrote them down.

After telling a few close friends what was happening and sharing some of the poems, they encouraged me to share them.  I decided to set up this blog as a way to get them out.  I hope you find that they speak to you as well.

The divorce was the event that spawned a transition, and that I successfully transitioned because I spent time trying to understand who I am.  I attribute these poems to much of that understanding.  What I learned from divorce set me on a path to where I am today as a Divorce Recovery Coach (www.youtreecoaching.com).  It’s great helping people learn how to lean into what’s uncomfortable and then find the true miracle sitting within the pain of divorce.