I Don’t Understand, But I Trust

I don’t understand why stars streak across a moonlit sky,

But I trust they land safely in the arms of God.

I don’t understand how an owl flies silently as it eyes fruits of life,

But I trust its grace signifies and ending meant to be.

I don’t understand why beauty asked me for coffee,

But I trust the journey laid before me.

I don’t understand how heart walls lift,

But I trust completeness within my soul.

I don’t understand why all has happened,

But I trust God’s hand on my back.


© Copyright 2021, except photo

Photo courtesy of Pixbay.com

Our Dance


Climb onto my toes.

I will carry the weight of your world

in my strength.

Grab a hold of my waist

and pull me close.

Put your gaze into my eyes

let your smile crinkle.

So I can see the light of happiness

in your soul.


©Copyright 2021, except photo

Photo courtesy of Pixabay.com