All Is Well My Son


Always believe in the Beloved’s will.
Lighting love by forgiving core wounds.
Loneliness is an illusion, a separation from God.

Innocence is yours, as a child of the Beloved.
Sins are here for you to forgive – – you are imperfectly perfect.

Wayward hearts – – seek beats from within.
External desire, shame, and fear set them afloat.
Lessons are here for healing.
Let them reign in your wayward ways.

Many exclaim injustice as judgement of themselves.
Yelling at, kicking, and punching their own best efforts.

Separation happens when control and attachment take root.
Oneness happens when faith, gratitude, and forgiveness shine daily.
New days are coming, with new lessons and new miracles.

© Steven Schleupner, 2017, excludes photo



Rose Colored Glasses


For a moment today
Look over the rims of your
Rose Colored Glasses.
Surprised at the colors?
At what you see?
When did you put on these glasses?
Or, did they form their hue over time?
Truth is not the rose-color.
Truth is the colors around the hue.
The colors of peace.

© Steven Schleupner, 2017, excludes the photo.