Our Salvation

Have you ever forgiven someone for whom you once cared deeply?  I mean wholeheartedly forgiven them?? We have a tendency to not completely forgive.  This blocks us from future harm by enabling us to hide, but also blocks us from our own peace.  What I found is when I forgive fully, the negative feelings leave and create a void.  Voids can’t exist in the emotional world.  They are filled in with love for that person.

Internal salvation – the pent up
peace we all desire – is buried
under layers of non-forgiveness.

As we peel the layers away,
by forgiving All Others, but, most importantly,
forgiving ourselves for judging others,
we come closer to pure love.

This is how we can experience love
for someone who seemingly harmed us.

If we allow unforgiven layers
to wrap the hate,
like earth’s rock wrap its core,
we can never reach the salvation
at the core of our soul.

© Steven Schleupner, 2017

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