Graduation Letter

When I graduated I wish I received this advice. You are embarking on a journey – Your Journey, not Mom’s, Dad’s, friends’, counselors’, or whoever. Nothing we do, have, say, or think defines our worth. Only we as individuals can define our own worth. I encourage you to first seek things that feed your soul. Grow from the inside out. Grow your passion. We only truly have heart, wisdom, spirit, peace and love. This is what we own. We don’t own money, careers, people, and things because they can be taken away through events beyond our control. So my message is simple. Use what you own to seek your passion. Once you find your passion, pour yourself into it.

There is a simple equation to follow in life, and it’s around the choices we make.

Event + Response = Outcome

Time is a limited resource. Think about the choices you are making, and determine if it best serves you, and serves the man you’re becoming.


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