Hurt Anchor

My chakras are in flux,
giving warning signs for healing.
I can tell by the tightness in my chest and throat
and toiling in my stomach.
Please guide me, show me, how to heal this.

Remember, the cause of the upset
is never what we are experiencing now.
The cause drifts back
to a much earlier wound,
possibly from a childhood hurt around being
dropped or replaced or chastised.

The sign causing the angst and hurt
is your soul asking for healing,
from your judgement of yourself,
from your willing view to see
yourself lacking or inferior.
Don’t suppress the discomfort, as it
will just resurface later,
with greater effect.
Sit with the emotion, and ask
to be shown the cause.

Only then will you be able to release
your Hurt Anchor and heal.


© Steven Schleupner, 2017

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