Rex was my friend.
My link to peace and joy
excited to see me always
as I him.
He was my confidant in alone times
and my friend among friends.
When my parents divorced his world changed.
He gladly uprooted his home
and accepted his new space.
He became my counselor
my grieving partner.
I was crushed when he was gone
uprooted and given away
without even a good bye.
My grief had no where to go.
It went low - suppressed!
As change kept coming
adopting to new stopping points
my grief dissipated.
I thought.
What also dissipated
was my ability to grieve.
I learned to swallow my feelings
as I have to this day four decades later.
Child trauma will cascade
and always be with you
until released and forgiven.

© Steven Schleupner, 2017

One thought on “Rex

  1. You’re poems are a true healing gift. They come from your heart and they are raw. You convey a vulnerability that gives me permission to pull up experiences from my life where I resonate with you and allow me to let go of feelings that no longer serve me. You have created a safe container for me to heal. Thank you for sharing your gifts.
    Lisa Schermerhorn


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