Oh Seventeen

Oh Seventeen
the unknown of you.  
Carry me to new places
and follow what is true.

Winter solstice is here
with each day is more light.
Shine bright within me
as I gain more sight.

When new seeds sprout
as the ground loosens and bees rumble.
Let my heart warm
with grace that’s humble.

When the sun is high
and the days long.
Soak each moment with gratitude
as it is this place where I belong.

Colors will change
as beauty takes new form.
Apply the lessons
as another year is reborn.

When days shorten
and white beautifies the land.
Feel blessed
that she is holding my hand.


© Steven Schleupner, 2017

One thought on “Oh Seventeen

  1. Hi Steve,
    I love Strong. It is it’s title, perfectly written.

    I have one minor suggestion; use it or discard it as you wish…remember that you do not have to rhyme.
    Keep writing…they’re beautiful!
    Peace and respect, Steve D


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